Unusual requirements

We specialise in more complex scenarios which present problems for the more mainstream lenders and brokers. Particularly non-standard properties, but also individuals with irregular circumstances and income.

Out of the ordinary properties

We can help with…

• Commercial, or residential farms
• Smallholdings
• Residential or commercial equestrian property

• Agricultural ties or equestrian conditions of occupancy
• Kennels and Catterys
• Rare breed centres
• Self builds, including with an agricultural tie
• Larger loans, (£750k and above)
• Second homes
• Investment properties (See buy to let for more details)
• Properties of unusual and non-standard construction
• Properties with flying freeholds

Out of the ordinary people

We can help if you…

• Are self-employed, perhaps drawing only a small taxable income or you do not have 3 years accounts. Sole traders, partnerships and limited company directors with dividend earnings.
• Have a low basic salary but earn high bonuses / commission, or work on a contractor basis
• Have had some financial problems in the past due to redundancy, business reverses, ill health or marital breakdown.
• Most of our lenders now work on an affordability basis* rather than using traditional income multiples.

*Please note we will only arrange a loan for you if we consider that it is affordable both now and if interest rates were to increase and also you understand the size and nature of your commitment.

Please do give us a ring on 01179860736 to chat through your requirements without obligation, or provide detail here via our contact form and we will call or email you back.