Equestrian Mortgages

We offer both normal residential mortgages and commercial finance for equestrian property.
Therefore, whether you need a residential equestrian mortgage for a property that is your home, or commercial funding for a livery, racing or competition yard, we should be able to help you.

Finance for equestrian property can be residential, commercial or a combined ‘semi-commercial’ mortgage.

Have you been told you need a commercial mortgage for a property that will primarily be your home?  We can help!  We offer normal residential mortgages for equestrian properties that would elsewhere be considered commercial; even where there is large acreage, occupancy restrictions, or an element of commercial use included.

However, we also offer commercial equestrian finance, which is normally required where a yard or other enterprise will be the primary use of the property.

We have specialised in equestrian property mortgages for over 20 years, and Ben Wall, a director of Wall 2 Wall Finance, has written various articles on the subject for leading national equestrian publications.

We can arrange finance for:
• Private equestrian property with or without any element of commercial use
• Livery yards
• Racing stables and studs
• Land only (although appetite for lending against land solely for personal use is minimal)
• Equine rehab centres
• Properties with an equestrian tie, equestrian restriction or equestrian occupancy condition
• Refinancing for expansion or improvement

We can also offer:
• Up to 100% funding in exceptional circumstances – additional property is required for this to use as lending security
 Interest only borrowing may be available for a set period or whole term if circumstances permit
• Affordability based borrowing using earned or property based business income
• Terms from 1 to 40 years, subject to age and circumstances

Please do give us a ring to chat through your requirements and see how we can help, or provide detail here via our contact form and we will call or email you back.  There is no further obligation to work with us.

Despite our specialism, we do not charge excessive fees; a typical fee for arranging an equestrian mortgage would be just £295-£895.