Commercial & agricultural mortgages

Every case is individual. We use major banks, building societies and many other more specialist lenders. Each has their own lending criteria and preferred sectors, especially when considering equestrian mortgages and agricultural mortgages.

Commercial finance can be divided into two catagories:

Semi commercial

The property to be financed also includes a residential element; typically being the main residence of the applicants in addition to running a business from the property, such as a farm, equestrian yard, leisure, letting or tourism enterprise, nursery, bed & breakfast and so on.

Commonly, we are able to arrange finance on a residential basis with one of our flexible residential lenders, typically achieving a lower rate of interest than would be obtained through commercial funding. This is also ideal where the affordability requirements for commercial funding would not be met (i.e. the business element does not produce sufficient income), but there is a strong external source of income.


There may be no residential element for the business owner, or it may be specifically tied to the individual business, or the property is just overbearingly commercial in nature.

We can cater for people buying premises for their own business (as individual’s, trading company, SPV or using a pension scheme), investment properties, refinancing or arrange bridging finance if required.

We have expertise in various sectors:

• Farms, smallholdings and other agricultural enterprises
• Letting & tourism
• Horticultural business
• Equestrian centres, livery or competition yards, racing stables
• Kennels and Catteries
• Public Houses, Hotels, guesthouses
• Residential/Nursing Homes
• Property development/conversion
• Diversification into warehouses, retail units and offices

A lot of lenders prefer to only offer commercial funding on a capital repayment basis, however it is also possible to arrange interest only lending, either for an initial period, or indeed the full term if required and appropriate.

Please note that the Financial Conduct Authority does not currently regulate the majority of commercial lending.

Please do give us a ring to chat through your requirements and see how we can help, or provide detail here via our contact form and we will call or email you back. There is no further obligation to work with us.