Standard mortgages

Although we have a niche in rural property, we also naturally assist people with mortgages to purchase and remortgage more 'normal' property.

• We use a very broad range of lenders rather than just the mainstream – including small building societies, private banks and ‘challengers’, giving you access to more products and enabling us to arrange the most effective mortgage for any given circumstances.

• We specialize in country property but that’s not to say we can’t help if you’re buying in town, far from it! Buying a house or appartment in town just makes life simpler by removing the preclusion some lenders have with certain rural property.

• In general, the larger the deposit you can provide the better the terms available. Ideally, we would recommend a minimum deposit of 10-15%, although it is  perfectly possible to purchase with only a 5% deposit – and without necessarily using a government assistance scheme.